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Wearing the right outfit definitely boosts the confidence of many a woman. But the wrong bra could spoil the effect of a spectacular outfit. A bra of the wrong fit could only add to this discomfort and the rapidly declining confidence. There are circumstances where, to many ladies’ disgust none of their bras complement their pretty clothes. This is where the adhesive bra steps in. The adhesive bra is something like a miracle and many fashion conscious women swear by this piece of apparel. This bra offers support and gently provides smooth contouring of the bust, while giving a stylish finish to the outfit. Adhesive bras do away with the need of shoulder straps and side extensions giving an almost invisible look.

The adhesive bra is ideal for outfits like prom dresses, bridal gowns, and tops with complicated necklines as well as closely fitted  tshirts or blouses. Ordinary strapless bras cannot match the level of sophistication required for such clothes while transparent bra straps are a complete no-no to achieve a polished image. Women need not worry about stray bra straps playing spoil sport on the most important occasions of their lives. An adhesive bra offers the same level of comfort found in an ordinary bra. Women up to the C-cup size can benefit from the innovative functions of the adhesive bra.

The adhesive bra is a type of bra which only has cups to accommodate the breasts. The cups are connected by a hook and they stick close to the body. In short, the adhesive bra is strapless and backless but is at the same time extremely comfortable. This is one style. Other adhesive bras have individual cups and are to be attached to the breasts separately. These bras stick on to the skin to give a smooth look to the bosom. The soft silicone cups adhesive bra is the rage these days and they can be worn higher or lower on the bust, depending on what look you want to achieve. At the same time, the cleavage is also enhanced making the lady even more ravishing in her gown. The padded silicone cups can increase the bust up to one cup size. This adhesive bra is perfect for women with small breasts.

Silicone is used in almost every adhesive bra today because it not only gives support, but also gives a superior shape to the bust and does not shift around underneath the outfit. They conceal the chest as well as the nipples under lighter fabrics. Self sticking adhesive bras are available in sizes 32 to 38 from A to C cups. A D-cup version is also available and it is feather light with straps. However, there is no adhesive bra for larger women. They are available in the basic colors of black, white, nude and flesh tones. They have to be paired suitably with the outfit to be concealed properly. Certain adhesive bras can be worn multiple number of times while there are others which are to be worn for just one occasion such as the wedding or the prom.
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